Become a Partner and Earn as Much as 15%

Flowhux relies on our relationships with our customers and vendors as well as the referrals that are obtained through those same relationships. We have taken a proactive approach to growing our referrals number and one of the ways we have done that is through our Referral Partnership program. This program’s goal is to generate referrals for our business and rewarding those customers who successfully refer someone to our company.

By sharing your positive experiences and feedback with family, friends, and business associates, you can earn real savings for the services we provide for your company.

Partner with us today and start earning credits for your company!

Referral Plan Options


Invite and Earn

Invite your friends and associates to discover all the great things Flowhux has to offer. Each referral you send to us will earn $12 on your account. The more referrals you send, the more credits you earn!

Many of our customers love sharing their experience with us with others. Now they can do that and earn money as well.

Send us an e-mail giving us the names and contact information for the business or individual you want to refer and you will earn $12 for each of those referrals.

Not a current customer? It’s not a problem. You are still able to earn credits you can use for our services when you need them.


Spread the Word

Rewards for chatting us up on your site!

We love helping businesses of all types realize their goals and achieve the much desired growth that all businesses owners covet.

We can provide targeted content for your blog or website. Content can be customized for your industry and is specifically created to increase traffic to your site and interactions with current and future customers.


Save, Save, Save!

How would you like to save 100% on your Flowhux bill? That’s right, 100%.

If you have a competitive nature and a nose for a great deal, we offer a way for you to save and save big! The ‘Save, Save, Save’ plan gets your company 10% off your yearly bill for EACH referral you send us that signs on with us at a plan equal to yours or higher.

As soon as they complete their sign up, you will see a 10% savings on your bill. Refer 10 customers, save 100%!

Step 1

Give your referral a 10% off coupon code to use when they sign up with us

Step 2

The referral signs up for a plan the same level as the one you have or higher

Step 3

You receive a 10% savings on your bill


Flowhux has several ways for you to save when you refer people and businesses to our company. In some cases, customers can earn 100% off their bill! Sign up for one of our referral programs and earn credits right away. There is no limit on the amount of credits you can earn.

Customer Support

Are you having a problem with your order? We are sorry to hear that but we have customer support staff available 24 hours a day, every day. They can assist you with your issue and also have the ability to provide you with a solution immediately.

There are a number of ways for you to reach us: chat message, create a support ticket*, or email. Of course, you can always reach us by phone using our toll-free number

* Create a ticket option is available only to customers with current active accounts