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By making the decision to partner with Flowhux, you have opened up access to a whole new customer base, the international market. International shipping is our fortè and we can assist you with navigating and optimizing this incredible opportunity. The success and growth of your company is a main focus for us and we will help you take advantage of this new access and make it work for you.


One of our areas of focus is to save your business time and money. As part of this process, we use AI algorithms to assist us in this goal. The use of AI and all it provides us means that we are able to save incredible amounts of time that would have otherwise been spent researching large amounts of data in an effort to realize the same solutions the AI gives us in a matter of minutes. Before your orders are shipped, you will be prompted to choose a shipping method. You can select from the safest method, the quickest method, or the least costly method. We also give you the option to bill your customers for shipping or you can choose to waive it and absorb it as part of your operating expenses.


Just because you decided to outsource your order fulfillment operations doesn’t mean that you will lose the relationships and connections you have with your own customers. You still are their point of contact and you can continue to foster those relationships while being secure in the knowledge that their orders are being expertly processed to ensure their utmost satisfaction. Remember that our staff works in conjunction with your own people to ensure everything is carried out to your specifications and meets your expectations. We can handle any special requests such as gift cards, free samples, promo items, and coupons. There is no need to sacrifice your own service goals when you partner with us. Everything you want to accomplish, we make a reality.


International shipping is not synonymous with fast shipping. However, when you partner with us that changes. We offer international shipping at the lowest rates in the industry while maintaining a guarantee to reduce overall transit times. The moment your customers realize that you are making good on your promises to get them their orders correctly and quickly, they will remain your customers. Our staff is committed to keeping processing times to a minimum, maintaining high accuracy levels, and making sure your customers receive their orders as quickly as possible. In most cases, orders are shipped out the same day they are received for processing.


How exciting is it to realize you can accomplish all your goals and you will have expert help while doing it? The world is at your fingertips.

Call us today and allow us to show you and your team how we can effectively work for you and help you achieve all your business goals. We can assist with maximizing your marketing plans, establish global supply chains, and integrate and streamline operations.

Trust us when we tell you this is one of the best decisions you will ever make for your business.


Flowhux can help businesses make their dreams of becoming an international presence a reality. Our experience and networks allow us to help you increase your customer base globally and ship international packages with incredible speed and incredible savings.

Customer Support

Are you having a problem with your order? We are sorry to hear that but we have customer support staff available 24 hours a day, every day. They can assist you with your issue and also have the ability to provide you with a solution immediately.

There are a number of ways for you to reach us: chat message, create a support ticket*, or email. Of course, you can always reach us by phone using our toll-free number

* Create a ticket option is available only to customers with current active accounts