If you sell merchandise online then you have been aware of the sweeping changes that the online marketplace has been experiencing in recent years. Online sales have increased exponentially from just a few short years ago. Customers are expecting more variety, lower prices, better service, and faster deliveries.

The big online names (WalMart, Target, and Amazon) spend a large part of their budgets on resources to specifically create and utilize the latest technology and information available in through AI.

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Smaller companies can have a really difficult time keeping up with the budgets of their big name competitors who seem to have limitless funds and resources at their disposal. Flowhux has a solution for all those smaller companies.

First off, we have equipment, facilities, and staffing already in place so there is no need for a business owner to make new purchases, find new space and hire new people.

We also have AI technology and creative algorithms on the same level or better than those big-name guys. We have leveled the playing field for you so you are on equal footing as the bigger companies. So, no matter the size of your company, you have access to the same resources that they do without necessitating a huge financial expenditure.

Our order fulfillment process combines both human and artificial intelligence to give smaller businesses an incredible advantage to put them on equal footing with bigger businesses.

This process allows you to increase your product and customer bases, timely respond to market changes and identify current consumer trends. The system will also give you the freedom to test out new products and gather data about potential successes or failures prior to investing in large quantities of inventory.

The AI technology means that you now have the ability to make intelligent, informed decisions regarding purchases and fiscal budgets.


We give our customers access to the same tools and technology that the big name online retailers do. These are things that our customers probably would not be able to afford on their budget as a smaller company. We effectively level the playing field to give them a competitive edge over other small businesses and allows them to not get muscled out by the big guys.

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